The Goal :

"The Locals" is a project seeking to spotlight community entrepreneurs and artists. 

Those featured will have their stories shared with viewers across the state and beyond in an effort to generate tourism and boost local business. 

The artists and entrepreneurs included will have the opportunity to represent their community to a wider base, extending beyond their typical audience. 


How is it different?


While the Grey Matters series covered the backstories of local entrepreneurs and artists, there was no actual footage of the creation process itself. “The Locals” seeks to go one step further and give you a behind the scenes pass on the inner workings of the creative. Thus, displaying the hard work it takes to keep their craft or business successful. Along with this, The Grey Medium is offering additional benefits with sign up. 


These include :

  • Portrait Photography 

  • Documentary Photography

  • Premium audio capture

  • News posts for and about the individual featured

  • Theatrical Premiere or Live Community Release

  • Trailer Release per Season

  • Additional paid promotion


“The Locals” will also differ from the “Grey Matters” series in format itself. Each season will be focused on a specific town instead of being released sporadically as individual episodes. The specific towns targeted will be designated to a certain time frame to which their season is produced in its entirety. A minimum amount of episodes required by each town will be 10. If the minimum is not reached, production will be halted and will be moved to the next town on the list. While these time frames are subject to change they will be updated regularly.




Filming - May 1st - May 20th

Editing - May 20th - May 30th

Theater Release - June 5th

Online Release - June 6th - July 1st




Filming - June 1st - June 20th

Editing - June 20th - June 30th

Community Release - July 1st

Online Release - July 6th - August 1st


Additional Locations TBA. 

Contact us for Suggestions.