Do you ever wish you could show the community what goes into what you are trying to create?

The Grey Medium started the locally based “Grey Matters” documentary series as an attempt to give local artists, and entrepreneurial owned businesses an opportunity to share their individual stories in a documentary type format. The series offered behind the scenes access to the inner-workings of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Now, seeking to revamp the series, with a new take and different style "Grey Matters" is looking for artists and businesses and their involvement. 

These services include professional portrait photos of the business owners or artists that can be done either on location or in studio, news posts and updates to our website and social media to help promote your episode and the series as a whole, and individualized trailers for the seasons and snippets of episodes. All this to ensure that your story, business, or artistic venture gets to be viewed by a wider audience. 

Take a look at some of our featured episodes from the previous "Grey Matters" series below, and get in touch with us today about being a part of this new series.