• Joseph Glass

"GREY MATTERS" Episode 1 Preview - Mansion Park Barber Shop

Huey Eherdt has always been an acquaintance of mine in the local community, but it wasn't until I visited his barbershop that I realized there was a lot more to his business and his art than I had initially pinpointed.

I had heard about his business multiple times through word of mouth and decided to give it a try. Being a male in central PA, I never had the experience of feeling at home while getting a haircut. From the rustic, yet clean look of the interior of the shop, to the vintage barber pole outside, Mansion Park Barber Shop had just the atmosphere I had always sought out.

During his interview for season 1 of the "Grey Matters" mini-documentary series Huey touched on his past addictions, and how is son became his main catalyst for staying clean. Though not easy for anyone to talk about, he stayed humbly honest and saw it as an opportunity to deliver a heartfelt message that there is always more life coming out of any negative situation.

Stay tuned for the series premiere of "Grey Matters" on November 1st, 2017 for a more in depth look at Huey's story.

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