• Joseph Glass

"GREY MATTERS" - Episode 2 Preview - Chillz

Working with Chillz recently on his upcoming music video for his single "Future Self." I thought that I had a pretty good idea about the type of person Jamille Brown (Chillz) was. That was until I went digging.

As always he showed up to the interview with nothing but good vibes surrounding him. Always positive, Chillz seemed to have just the enthusiasm that was needed for a killer interview.

I knew the interview would have to be something more than a generic overview of him and his music, so I got specific. He surprised me with stories of humble beginnings of recording in a studio which had no running water, and how that drove his art to be what it is today.

Stay tuned for the series premiere of "Grey Matters" on November 1st, 2017 for a more in depth look at Chillz's story.

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