• Joseph Glass

"GREY MATTERS" - Episode 5 Preview - Dion Brown of Generation N.O.W.

In episode 5 we explore the personal training aspect of Generation N.O.W. featuring Dion Brown.

The first thing that is immediate when encountering Dion is his passion for what he does. He started his personal training programs about a year ago, and since posting photos of his first client’s before and after pictures, he has been flooded with new proteges seeking a healthier lifestyle. Though this is true, he stresses that it isn’t at all his responsibility to ensure success within his clients. Most of the weight (no pun intended) falls on his clients shoulders to make a serious change. He just supplies the motivation and directs them in diet and exercises to ensure incredible results.

Stay tuned for the series premiere of "Grey Matters" on November 1st, 2017 for a more in depth look at Dion's story.

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